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Psychological tricks these really work on girls?? I am frankly telling you Girls are complicated. They are always confused when it comes to love. But I think it is good to be confused and complicated, because without this your life would be boring with no interesting facts to share with your children 🙂 .

Psychological tricks on girls never work. But don’t be sad I will give you some terrific ideas at the end of this article, but for that you have to read my article till it ends. Girls never give a straight answer YES or NO when it comes to love and relationship. They take a lot of time to understand their feelings and to trust someone completely is a big deal for them. At least most of them whom i know!

psychological tricks

When she is in love, she makes her whole world revolve around you.

She will wait for you.

She will not miss a single chance to take a glance of you.

She will find happiness in you.

She makes you comfortable.

She will be happy when you are happy.

She will skip a beat you call her name or when she sees you smiling.

She smiles like an idiot gazing at your message and pictures.

She won’t compare you to others.

She will blush more and talk less when you are around.

psychological tricks

So, Just be yourself. Be true to yourself and to her . If you really love her then you will get all your answers from your heart and your mind will stop playing Psychological tricks. It might take her a long time to realize she's been duped by your psychological tricks and that you are not the good man she thought you were, but she will surely figure it out, especially if your end goal is sex.

Some suggestions to impress girls. they are not psychological tricks though :

  • Firstly, don't expect from her.
  • Make a polite conversation with her. Don't sound like a creep by asking her out in the first conversation.
  • Listen to her. I mean real listening not just nodding.
  • Be yourself. Be confident. Make your conversations witty.
  • It's ok to be obvious once in a while.
  • Work on your attire. It may impress her.
  • Ask how is her day which shows you care.
  • Ask about well being of her family and friends.
  • Who doesn't appreciate gifts and compliments. People love being appreciated and Girls are no different. But Don't over do it.
  • Don't push anything hard. If she says no then probably it is No.
  • Do not ever take her granted, ever!!!!!!!!
  • A girls never falls for someone who shows off.. trust me it really irritates us.
  • A girl likes a boy who love her unconditionally no matter what. If you try to impress a girl,  she won’t be impressed but if you be yourself, the right girl will fall in love with you.psychological tricks

At last I would like to make it clear that I am not a love guru or Jodi maker, these are just suggestions they may work but it is not guaranteed that these will work every time and on every girl as every girl is different in her own ways. So it's better to be yourself and be nice with her, instead of applying the psychological tricks!!!



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