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Paytm app created a funny blunder by testing push notifications on a live server. Several Paytm app users received a message from Paytm language “hey” followed by a cryptic text. Paytm app is kind of a typical application employed by millions everywhere. It has become therefore well-liked that each alternate individuals square measure mistreating it on each day to day basis.

Recently, a message sent by Paytm app to its users, that too within the middle of the night created confusion among its users. The text browses ‘hey’ followed by one thing like ‘ghvkjfjg’. As, therefore, referred to as word has no which means of its own, people were quite confused about having received that sort of text from the app. Now, following over this confusion created by the applying itself, they official announce an apology on fifth Gregorian calendar month on their official twitter handle.

paytm app

As with each on-line blunder, this one too received its well-deserved reactions from users on Twitter. Some users distinguished however this error was common with developers to overwork testing new product and options. Before Paytm’s apology, several users even thought that the message was sent by hackers.

The exact reason was that it was a push notification which was being sent to user as the paytm app people were trying to test something on their servers. The users were quite shocked as they feared hackers and even asked what was happening, but presently they learnt what really happened. Instagram conjointly detected a bug recently because of that their feeds were scrolling down horizontally. They conjointly shared the news via social media and cleared all confusion.

paytm app

The speculation was put to hault when Paytm came out with an apology that Paytm is apologising for the test push notification which some of the users may have received from Paytm App. It was a testing error by them. Paytm app also ensured that such errors would be eliminated completely in future,”. Paytm tweeted at 1:48 within the morning, around associate degree hour once the notification had been sent.

This isn’t the primary time associate degree Indian startup has been trigger-happy with its notifications. In 2016, Myntra had spammed many of its users informing them that their orders had been sent, once users hadn’t created any orders within the 1st place. Myntra had later declared the notifications to own been caused by a technical flaw, and apologized to its users.

Paytm app has done constant, and it’s doubtless that almost all users can see the lighter aspect of the story. Users are anyway spammed with notifications from all their apps perpetually on their phones; a notification, particularly one that went hey, can’t have caused an excessive amount of further hassle aside from providing light-hearted comic relief to some section of Paytm’s userbase.


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