Love with nature

Love…..the one word hearing which most of us get a smile on our face. That smile is because of the reason that whenever we hear this word we think about someone special in our life. But who is that someone it our gf/bf or our crush or our spouse? Is love only about the relationships or commitments. Well let’s find out in this article.

If we ask someone what is love then most of the time we get generic answers like it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world or it is just a waste of time or it is life etc etc but has anybody ever defined this. You might think that how stupid I am that I am telling to define a feeling. But how can it be cleared whether it is a feeling or a terminology.

It is nothing but a bridge that helps us to lead the way of life. It’s not necessary that love is only between two people. It is present everywhere. From the rise of sun to rise of moon, from the breeze flowing around us to the depth of sea, there is love. But still you might be confused that what is love.

It is a four letter word that actually acts a magnetic force to attract us towards the beauty of the world. If our eyes are the camera that capture the beauty in the world then it is the processor which actually processes the image captured by eyes and generates the output of that image which relaxes our heart.

People say that love hurts. But the fact is it’s not love that hurts it’s the level of expectations that is associated with the various terminologies that we give to the different bonds however, the love between those bonds is the same. It is the joining force not falling apart.


The care of a mother, the tenderness of breeze, the driving force of water, the calmness of nature, the attachment of animals….. there is nothing different in all things but what makes all these special is the presence of LOVE in our heart. We feel all these emotions because of this. The person who has love in his heart can never go astray because he can feel the presence of emotions in everything around him.

It is the heart of life if seen through the eyes of the connections between the universal things. From our job to studies, from friends to strangers, everyone is connected to it. We cannot concentrate and excel in our job or studies if we do not feel connected to it. This connection is not only on the basis of our knowledge, skills or understanding level but also how much we love what we do.

So guys, instead of defining love just feel the presence of it around you in everything and the life will become beautiful.


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