Lessons can be learned anytime so you are never too old to learn new things. You are always advised to let go of the past, and I do agree you should let go of the past but only after complete realization of the past. After all your past has taken considerable time of your life, do not allow it goes waste.

You must have had both positive and negative experiences. How can you forget those moments and events that had once made you happy and how can you let go of your negative experiences without taking lessons from them? Don’t you bother to learn from your those experiences? Do you want to repeat your mistakes? Or You think that you have never made any mistake in your past and you have only positive experiences!!


Your past is your greatest teacher. What all that are not written in books, can be learned from the past, it is a complete package for lessons about life. It is up to you how you become it’s greatest student. We are advised to let go of the past only because we tend to let our frustrations and regrets seep into our present, which is not useful.

Let us keep in mind the important fact about past that we cannot change it. The past is the past and there is nothing you can do about it, what you can do is you can control your mind. Train your brain so that your past can be useful. You can remember it using “I wish” which is terrifying or “I learned something” which is making your past useful.


Use your past to learn as it is the most powerful tool in your personal development and lessons for life. On the other side, if you let the past seeps into the present by bringing on fear, regret, then your past will become your greatest enemy. When reflecting on the past, be careful because there is a fine line between productive and destructive reflection.

Some lessons you have learned or could learn:

  1. Never predict the future or imagine the things.
  2. Learn to say no.
  3. Never keep expectations.
  4. Ignore irrelevant things, as well as negative people.
  5. Single girls/boys are always happy.
  6. Sit with your parents to get life-giving experience.
  7. Work with some NGO on the ground to know the reality of life.
  8. Revenge is not a good idea. Forgive but never forget.
  9. People say good things just to show themselves as a good person.

Some funny lessons taught by life

  1. Never send FB request just because the user profile has a girl’s pic.
  2. Don't write the email address of the receiver before drafting the whole email.
  3. If you are on sick leave from office but in reality you are on a date, then don't upload those pics on Facebook/Instagram.
  4. Nobody becomes a millionaire after quitting Facebook/Instagram.
  5. The game “hide and seek” is called 'I spy' and not 'ice pice'






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