Friendship started like this..“Can I get ur no?” Popped notification in my Instagram messenger. Though it was a usual message but when it came from her side it was quite amazing because it was so unexpected to receive a message from an office colleague who is much more experienced than me and not much interaction has taken place between both of us. But yeah, I was happy that somebody is open for friendship with me. At that time I never ever thought where will this normal conversation leads to. Being an introvert, I never used to interact much in my office but it was because of some of my colleagues that kept me involved in the office talks, she was best of them of course!!


Though I restricted myself all the time from maintaining a friendship with my colleagues because of the fact that there an impression in my mind to maintain professionalism and formal behavior at the office. But once she initiated the conversation herself I too got along with her.


My apologies I did not introduce her to you all. Her name is Akanksha, my colleague and probably the first person with whom I began a casual interaction in my office. At first, my impression of her was that she is so sweet and so friendly but once I began interacting with her, my mind began excavating many more details about her. A person full of wisdom and philosophy she was that made me attached to her even more as her thoughts and opinions somewhat were similar to mine and an unsaid unheard connection was established between us. I had no idea when I began interacting with her so much that even the hours of the clock could not become a barrier in our talks. We used to chat on a daily basis and our chats would start from a casual hello and end on all the intellectual talks of the entire universe. The best part about her was that never ever I felt that I was talking to my colleague. It was always so casual and so cordial that I never hesitated in talking to her. It was her friendly nature and that friendly smile that never made me feel uncomfortable while talking to her. The way she used to share her talks with me always made me feel so special.

As it is said that things are always not the same. Now, we don't talk as much as we used to talk earlier. The reason was that I began restricting myself from getting too much attached to her as it was obvious that we won't be together forever. She would choose her paths and I would go my way and nobody would love to say goodbye to a person with whom we shared a memorable bond. So I began maintaining distance with her to avoid that sad moment that would come when we would depart. Though I did not talk much to her still it was her who always made efforts to maintain that bond and that was the best part about her. She valued the bond that she made. The most adorable thing indeed. I wish and hope that never shall I see that day when I don't experience her ambiance of friendship around me…I am really graced of having this strong friendship with a girl so pure and good with a beautiful heart and great intellectual mind!!


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