Fear of holes

What is fear of holes - trypophobia?

It’s the fear of holes. Yep, that’s right. It’s not clinically diagnosed as a phobia. Do you feel uncomfortable or anxious after looking at photos of honeycomb, strawberries, even soap bubbles, and pancakes? Then you might, too. The science might not come to the conclusion, but people’s gut reactions are real.

Where does fear of holes come from?

The spread of phobia of holes leads us — perhaps not surprisingly — to internet comments and social media. The internet can be the biggest fear trigger. I didn’t have trypophobia before, but after scrolling through these below pictures photos, I do have now.

It is the belief of our some scientists that it’s in our genes to dislike tightly packed shapes, other experts claim that it is learned behaviour.

fear of holes

Symptoms of phobias

Typical symptoms associated with phobias can include:

  • Dizziness, trembling and increased heart rate
  • Breathlessness
  • Nausea
  • A sense of unreality
  • Fear of dying
  • Preoccupation with the fear object

Whether you’re sitting by a lotus seed pod or something as common as the bubbles in a cup of coffee, one thing’s for sure – for people with trypophobia, the mere sight of a cluster of holes can be enough to trigger this fear of holes.

Unlike most other phobias, which bring on intense feelings of fear, this particular condition incites extreme anxiety and sometimes even the urge to puke.

Scientists who are investigating trypophobia have discovered that there may be more to this condition than previously suspected. They even have new evidence which suggests it may be linked to a deeper-rooted anxiety of parasites and infectious disease. People suffering from trypophobia are known to feel distressed after seeing all sorts of hole-filled objects, such as a bee-hive or even a sponge.

fear of holes

To study this condition further, psychologists at the University of Kent recruited more than 300 people from trypophobia support groups to find out more about the fear of holes. They also included a comparison group of over 300 university students who were not suffering from trypophobia.

The participants were then shown sixteen images of real objects that exhibit bumps of roughly circular shapes – eight of which showed clusters relating to various diseases, including rash marks, smallpox scars, and ticks. The remaining eight photos were not disease related, they were just normal images such as a lotus flower seed pod, or a brick wall with holes drilled into it.

Do any celebrities suffer from trypophobia?

fear of holes

The Victoria's Secret model has admitted that she struggles with the phobia of holes. As fear of holes is a newly defined phobia, not many celebrities have come forward to claim that they suffer from this fear. In spite of this, reality star royalty Kendall Jenner has admitted that she struggles to look at clusters of holes and bumps. She has even confessed that pancakes, honeycomb, or lotus heads are the worst things she fears from. She admitted that there are many people who have this fear, it is ridiculous though.


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