Modern Durga

In India, Durga Puja is celebrated as a victory of goddess Durga over the demon “Mahishasura”. Mahishasura was a demon who wanted to destroy the whole universe. Everyone was haunted by his evil intentions. Even the gods and goddesses of heaven were frightened and couldn’t think of a solution to get out of this situation and then they insisted goddess Shakti, the warrior goddess, to take the incarnation of “Durga”. So, goddess Shakti takes the incarnation of Durga and killed Mahishasura to save this universe. The victory of goddess Durga over Mahishasura depicts the victory of goodness over evil.

Like goddess Shakti, every woman has a sensitive as well as an aggressive side. They only need to realize the sense of “Shakti” lying beneath their warm and sensitive heart. And I think it’s the need of the hour for women to show their vigorous side to the world. Because in this era, the world is everywhere surrounded by Mahishasuras and sometimes it is the predominance of warmth and goodness of a woman over her vigority that allows these demons to dominate over the world. But it’s time to bring the change. It’s the time for the women across the world to show their strong and potent side to the world. They need to understand that their goodness makes them victims of men with bad intentions.


In today’s world, every day a woman or a girl is harassed whether at the workplace or at her own house. They are struggling against domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, female foeticide, dowry, child marriage. Though some women are raising their voice against it, but that’s not enough unless every woman fights for her own protection. They should learn when to be patient and when to be aggressive. In the fake name of culture and tradition, women’s rights and freedom are being suppressed. For example, there still exist some women in our society who think raising their voice against domestic violence is violating their “Pativrata dharma”. While in the true sense, pativrata dharma is all about being loyal and protective to your husband. You can be a good wife, a good mother and a good daughter by supporting your family financially and emotionally and this can only happen if you are self-dependent and strong enough to fight for your rights.

So, why to celebrate Durga Puja once in a year? Ladies, celebrate this day every day by fighting against the crimes you are suffering from, by fighting for your rights.



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