Deepak Kalal

Deepak Kalal, the controversial youtuber got beaten up badly on Camera!! Lately a piece of Information hit the Net as the Rakhi Sawant's Beau Deepak Kalal badly Beaten on the Delhi highways. Deepak Kalal grabbed attention when he declared his marriage date together with contentious queen Rakhi Sawant. The couple announced they will be likely to wed on December 31 at New York. Half of this January has gone nothing like this occurred yet!

Deepak Kalala was obtained beaten with a group of guys in Delhi and viral was gone by his video. From the video, a guy called, Deepak Nandal is seen telling that Deepak Kalal's movies are observed by teenagers and children on whom these clips set poor effect. He said that if in furture he sees Deepak Kalal making such videos, he'd locate him out of any part of the Earth, and would beat him mercilessly again. He, nevertheless, asked Kalal's followers to love him when he gets any"great" video. Here is the viral video:

His girlfriend Rakhi Sawant comes foreward to give her support to Deepak. The contentious queen Stated that'this is indeed sad that people are taking the law in their hands' and Condemned what the band of individuals did. She posted a short video in support of her bf, you can see it here:

The video was being taken by a person who was allegedly accompanying the man who was assaulting Deepak Kalal. The incident took place on Tuesday night in Gurugram. Afterward, the video of the incident went viral on all over social media.

Gurugram police said that they have not received any complaint from Deepak Kalal regarding this matter. Gurugram Police reported they are looking into the issue and will take the statements of toll plaza workers and will observe CCTV footage to confirm about this whole incident. In addition, he stated that the authorities will reach out to YouTube to affirm whether the movie is true or it's only a rumour.

As we all know Deepak Kalal does not miss a single chance to create a buzz on social media. No matter what Deepak is still on his usual pace to make the videos that he used to do before this incident. Recently he is seen in Noida Logix mall. He posted a short video there too:

So, after watching this we can infer that he is very passionate about his hobby and he is challenging Deepak Nandal who has beaten him in Gurugram.


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