It’s kind of weird when I see my friends are getting married and having babies, I am wondering what career planning should I do to make more money.

Yes, we do fall in love, want to marry a person, have babies and live an ideal life. But my imagination of being financially independent, paying all my bills, running all the errands and chilling on the weekend like a boss lady gives a strong motivation to be in a relationship with my work with my career rather than with a guy!!

I mean we do not have to avoid from getting involved in romantic relationships but let's face the fact that love isn't going to buy you fancy shoes and pretty dresses every week, so I love the idea falling in love with myself and my career.

This is the only time in my life when I have no ties, no mortgage, and no kids to support. This is the only time I can really do something ambitious.


Here's why work is your one true bae:

1) You never have to go through the pain of separation.


When you work, you have 5000 others things to brag about and no time to mourn separation.


2) No sacrifices



No sacrifices, no notifying someone of your every location because the Uber/Ola guy already troubles you so much, you got no energy to explain your whereabouts to anyone else.


3) Your girlfriends are your soulmates.


As truly said by Carrie Bradshaw, "Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with".


4) No obligations, no boundations!


You've known the true satisfaction of spending a peaceful vacation with a beautiful view and going back to work like you just took a nap of 10 hours. Your career deserves all your attention and sparkle.


5) You know it already, men are trash.


You already know that dating your work and career is more fruitful than dating a man. You are so content in your life that you cannot even think of having any problem in your life.


6) Be the boss lady that you are!


You can rule the world, change it and win it by being who you are. Your life is too rewarding and you just can't handle the troubled species called 'Men'.


7) Yes, you aren't lonely, you are happy.


Apart from virtually dating 10 fictional characters, you having been dating your work for years. And as we know that the key to a successful relationship is loyalty and commitment from both the parties, you cannot find a better partner than your job and your career. I mean your job will never ever leave you for someone else!


8) You sleep every night like a baby.


This is exactly how you sleep every night with no worries of being cheated. You see pretty dreams of fancy trips and scenic resorts. No puffy eyes, no wet pillows, no stress face. Just the still calmness.


9) You don't have much time and energy to whisper sweet nothings.


You are too practical for "baby", you'd rather be a little gay for your best friend and feel the vibe. But again you know if you pamper your career, you are less likely to know the ache called 'tension'.


10) Getting dressed for work is way easier than getting dressed for dates.


As much as you love to buy that expensive make-up or those expensive watches, you don't really believe in "dress to impress", you'd rather go casually to a work meet than doll up for some guy!






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