benefits of green tea

Health benefits of green tea, all say and know. But today I am gonna tell you some other benefits of green tea that you never knew before!! If a lot can happen over a cup of coffee then we should not deny that a lot can happen over a cup of green tea too!!

No doubt, This miracle drink is effective at fighting everything from cancer to acne, makes your heart healthier, improves brain function, helps you in burning fat and improves health performance. But have you ever thought serving green tea to your guests? I am sure your answer must be no here. Just think what could happen once you start serving green tea rather than regular tea to your guests. It will really do an unexpected magic and consequences can be really hilarious in a good sense, I bet. Just scroll down to see apart from health benefits of green tea, what other magic it can do when you start serving it to your guests:

1)            Ameer lagte hain :

benefits of green tea

As we all know that the green tea is costlier than regular tea and also we cannot ignore the fact of India’s obsession for budget friendly home made ginger milk tea. So, in this situation when you serve green tea to your guest, it will make you look richer in front of your guests.

2)            Milk ka kharcha bachta hai :

If you are conscious for your health, you should not be partial be for your guest. I mean if you are having green tea without milk and sugar then it is your utmost duty to serve the same to your guests. Take care of their health and take care of your money wallet.

benefits of green tea

3)            Biscuit nhi dena padega :

The third benefit is if you serve green tea to your guests, then you don’t have to offer biscuit like you do when serving regular chai pani to them. While serving green tea you would pretend to be taking care of their health and they would be pretending that green tea is their favourite drink. And this “Tahzeeb” show off between your guest and you will indirectly help you to save money.

4)            Dubaara nhi mangte :

India is obsessed with regular milk tea and people can intake 2-3 shots in one go. But when you serve green tea, the count of cups will reduce to maximum one, as green tea is bitter in taste. And hence again it is a profitable social service that you can offer to your guest.

5)            Ho sakta hai dubara aaye bhi na :

benefits of green tea

Some house guests stay at your home as if they are staying at a resort. They lounge, watch TV and eat good food, sleep and talk loudly, and then they sleep and sleep and so on. And we feel like “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?. So apart from the health benefits of green tea, the other benefit is it helps you to deal with your annoying home visitors in a decent caring way. Next time when they visit again just serve them with green tea right away.







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