Beautiful mind

Beautiful mind, inner beauty things have value in reel life, not in real life – I know this topic may make me sound weird and crazy to my readers . But trust me whatever I am writing here are observations of almost all of us.

Actually, we have been preached since childhood that inner beauty and beautiful mind are essence of soul, a beautiful mind is more appealing than external beauty. But when we come to the practicality of life, we forget this teaching and always go for external beauty. Even after knowing the reality that people do care for external beauty, to my surprise, when they are given a chance to speak, I don’t quite understand from where do they get logics to favour this concept.

Even, in many moral science or self-help books, they write these shits. I wonder why are they doing this to the coming generation. I really don’t think it is practical to teach this to the children, because a beautiful mind alone is not enough. Let them learn the fact. I would humbly request these people not to preach what you don’t follow.

Beautiful mind

External beauty signifies social standing, status, and good genes. It is the first thing that we notice about any person, and the leading reason to initiate conversation with them. Although internal beauty is an important factor, external beauty is no less than that. It makes one approach in order to determine the existence of internal beauty.

Everybody will speak for internal beauty. But the harsh reality is looks do matter, it is just you do not consciously realize it …you are racist and you have to accept this fact.

Have you ever seen a boy falling in love with an average girl at first sight? Hell no…A girl’s physical appearance is the most versatile communicator for them. It’s the starting point. Nobody cares beautiful mind at first sight.

There are many live examples which we can relate to. Let me take an example of a job interview- No matter how intelligent you are, how good your grades are, for cracking the interview,  that too,  the HR round, what they see is your physical appearance, and how you talk. Having the same intelligence level, the person with more appealing physical feature will be selected.

So, external beauty is like icing on the cake.  External beauty attracts you, the way a cake with beautiful icing tempts you.


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